Relentless 24 2017

Well another amazing weekend we had down at Ben Nevis.

It was another tough R24 as usual, not many spills this year. The weather was wet & windy until midnight & then cleared on Sunday to become not too bad. We had no major issues with the bike, not even a puncture!!

Our final finishing position was 36th out of 114 teams!!

A big thankyou to James, Keri, Pav & Jason for all there efforts this weekend again!!

A big shout out to No Fuss Events for another amazing weekend too!!

Also a big thankyou to our sponsors Mrs Clean, cdmm uk, Lightfoot, Contin Village Stores, Argyll & Lochaber Joiners, Creative Sign & Print, TM Flooring & Smiths Garage, Contin who make it possible for us to enter these races.

Ride Like A Grrl 2017

Teamdumb member Keri decided to enter the Ride Like A Grrl 2017 in a pair with Hilary Cameron down at Glenlivet Mountain Trails.

I also decided to go down as Mechanic, Tea Maid & to generally shout encouragement at them. This was Hilary’s first taste of racing & by the photo’s I think she enjoyed the day. The weather was amazing, Glenlivet Trails were well set up for the event & the atmosphere was very friendly, the girls had no major problems during the race with either the bikes or the track.

They managed to finish 17th out of 64 so very big well done to Keri & Hilary.

10 Under the Ben 2017

Well what can I say about 10UTB2017, it didn’t quite go according to plan.

I was full of the flew (James), Jason had been doing exams & was not at full steam & Keri had some issue out with mountain biking which restricted her to 1 lap. The only one at full strength was Pav the stunt pilote who kept the laps up to a decent 7 overall.

Weather was again good & the track was running fast & hard, all the bikes kept going with no major problems to write home about.

We finished 137th out of 273 overall, not the result we were looking for but considering all things we are pleased to have competed.

Also a big shout out to No Fuss Events for another amazing race.

A big thank you to our sponsors, Mrs Clean, Argyll & Lochaber Joiners, Kilt Ads, Creative Sign & Print, Lightfoot, Contin Village Store, TM Flooring Services & Smiths Garage Contin who make it possible for us to enter these races.

Relentless 24 2016

It was another tough R24 again this year, a few thrills & spills this time.

James(me) decided it was best to fall off during a night lap hurting my knee & damaging my bike(this hurt more than the knee)

Jason, Pav & Josh kept it going through the night with heavy rain & mud until the crack of dawn, when the weather started to ease. Last few laps were completed by an extremely tired trio & I thank them very much for keeping it going without my input.

Also a big thank you to Keri for keeping everyone going throughout the night, Keri hurt a rib or two a few weeks before the race & I was meant to be the stand in ha ha ha. Didn’t quite work like that!!!!

Our final finishing place was 40th out of 133 overall, another amazing result & well done all.

Also a big thank you to our sponsors who help let us compete in these races.


Strathpuffer 24 2017

Well it was another amazing Puffer as usual, from beautiful views to black ice to -8. We did very well again with no major hiccups & great team effort.

We finished 47th out of 133 in the quads, 61st out of 325 overall & 10th in the mixed quads. We had a few personnel lap times beaten by some of the team members but we still finished lower than last year. We managed a total of 27 laps, 3 more than last year.

Thanks to team members James(me), Keri, Josh & Jason for all there efforts again this year.

Also a big thanks to Dave again for helping with the bikes, Issy, Jenny & Kat for all there help throughout the race keeping us fed & watered.

Roll on Strathpuffer 2018!!!


Hi we are announcing our race team for the Strathpuffer 24 2017.

We are going with Me (James), Keri, Jason & Josh, Pav has dropped out due to his wife Samanta due to give birth on the day of the Puffer.

Pav  & Samanta good luck from all the team.

We also have two teams from the Linqsquad joining us from our base (my house) this year. We met them at the Relentless 24 in 2015 & have become good friends ever since. It will be a manic weekend with 12 team members along with backup & the ladies arranging all the food over the weekend.

That leads me to a big shout out for Issy, Megan & Kat who will be feeding the hungry hero’s along with Dave & Pete who will be the back up team.

Here’s hoping for a better result than last year where we did better than expected, we are looking to be in the top 20 this year. Fingers crossed.

Relentless 24 Results

Hi all, its been a while since I have managed to get onto the web site to update the results for the Relentless 24.

Just a couple of weeks before the race one of our members decided to break a rib or too eh Keri. Anyway Keri is much better now but it meant I was drafted in at the last minute to make up the numbers. We did very well, we finished 40th overall out of 140 teams competing.

We are again delighted with the result.

Also it was great to meet Erin & George who were camped next to us, on Friday night they both took out there Guitars & played them & sang until the early ours of Saturday morning. George was entering the Relentless 24 as a solo so a big shout out to George.

Thankyou again to No Fuss Events for another very well organised Race Event.

Loch Fada, Kinlochewe

Myself & Keri on the 15th September headed off to Kinlochewe to take the trail upto Loch Fada. Awesome climb with some very loose gravel paths & a lot of work going on with heavy plant in the area. The views were awesome going up the climb, but not as amazing as the Loch its self. Well worth 2-3 hours of your time on a clear dry day so you can take in the views.

New Gear

One member has just received his new gear after a number of months of waiting. James has just got the Merida Ninety-six 9-xt Carbon 2017. Saturday was the first outing for the bike, very impressive bit of kit. Thanks to Dryburgh Cycles, Dingwall for locating & getting the bike to me.

Laggan Wolftrax.

We all had a day down at Laggan Wolftrax on Saturday.

Tracks flow very well & all are well maintained to a high standard. We used the café in the carpark which again was of high standards all round. A very well organised place to go & was very busy by lunchtime. The views are stunning on a clear day like we had today, we will all be back!!!.