Relentless 24 2016

It was another tough R24 again this year, a few thrills & spills this time.

James(me) decided it was best to fall off during a night lap hurting my knee & damaging my bike(this hurt more than the knee)

Jason, Pav & Josh kept it going through the night with heavy rain & mud until the crack of dawn, when the weather started to ease. Last few laps were completed by an extremely tired trio & I thank them very much for keeping it going without my input.

Also a big thank you to Keri for keeping everyone going throughout the night, Keri hurt a rib or two a few weeks before the race & I was meant to be the stand in ha ha ha. Didn’t quite work like that!!!!

Our final finishing place was 40th out of 133 overall, another amazing result & well done all.

Also a big thank you to our sponsors who help let us compete in these races.


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