All Team Dumb members come from different working professions; one is a Site Manager, Gynaecologist, Law Student, Doctor and Site Engineer. We are all varying in ages too, from 23 up to 45ish. I say “ish” as the older you get, the more you seem to forget your age. All team members have their own personalities which make up to a cracking team spirit.

The one thing we all have in common is a love for Mountain Biking. Whether it is trying trails close to home or entering 7, 10, 12, or 24-hour mountain bike races around the North of Scotland.

Meet the members of Team Dumb…

jamesDumb – James Fowler (age 45), Joint Founder of Team Dumb

James is the oldest of the riders & he says he is the wisest, but others in the team would argue with that. Then again James is writing this!!

keriDumber – Keri McCully (age? Not allowed to tell!), Joint Founder of Team Dumb

Keri is almost as old as James but always reminds him she is seven months younger; Keri is the motivator in the team.

jasonDumbest – Jason MacDonald (age 30)

Jason is the engine of the team & goes out & beast’s laps for fun, Jason has also just started entering downhill races in between racing for Team Dumb.

joshDumb Ass – Josh Shaw (age 23)

Josh is the youngest of the team & likes to sleep a lot in between his laps, we now have a doctor in our ranks to mainly help Pav.

pavDumb Dumb – Pav Pawlowski (age 36)

Pav is our stunt rider, Pav tends to want to try the track in areas without his bike.